The process

From first fitting to a faultless finish

Fittings take place by appointment in central Torquay or at your home or place of business. 

Bespoke items generally take around eight weeks to be designed, created and delivered. Prices for a suit start at £1,250, a fraction of what a Savile Row tailor using the same cloth merchants would charge.

1. Design

We begin with an obligation-free consultation. In this 45 minute session, Justin will take your measurements, discuss preferences for style and cut, suggest appropriate fabrics from a constantly refreshed selection and answer any questions.

Depending on your taste for customisation, you can choose just about every part of your suit. From the cloth and lapel, to pockets, buttons and lining, there are endless combinations. From the classic cuts to more contemporary fittings he can create a garment that’s as unique as you.

2. Creation

The garments are constructed in workshops using the most sophisticated technology to ensure accuracy. Materials including not only the suiting itself but the unseen inner canvas structure, as well as linings and buttons, are sourced from the best craftsmen across Europe. 

3. Delivery

Depending on the specific details chosen, your garment will be ready about eight weeks from the initial fitting, for collection or despatch to your address. Final adjustments can be made to ensure a faultless finish. It’s now time for you to enjoy wearing your immaculately crafted suit!

4. Effortless reordering​

Need an extra pair of trousers? New shirt? Another suit? With your detailed measurements now on file, you can reorder easily.

Justin Brogan tailoring

If you would like to discuss a potential project or book a consultation, please use the button below.

Justin Brogan